Slingers Canned Cocktails, Black and Tan & Keg Kings

Welcome to the Boozebuddy Update. For you Boozebuddies today I have - Slingers Canned Cocktails, Black and Tan & Keg Kings

Slingers Canned Cocktails are set to deploy from Boston Beer Company. It’s a malt-based beverage coming in a 24-ounce can and three flavors - Bahama Mama, Peach Screwdriver, and Pineapple Punch. The Slingers Signature Cocktails with 8% ABV will initially release in New Hampshire, Cleveland, & Pittsburgh. If it goes well, expect this to be released in more areas - or fizzle out. Get more on the new approach and product at the link

Black and Tan. The beer-based cocktail has a bit of a controversy, so sometimes referred to as a Half & Half. It’s two beers in one, answering the question of ‘which beer?’ with ‘why not both!’. You pour the lighter beer in first, and then very gently and slowly pour the dark half over the backside of a spoon. Don’t mix the two & get a nice defined layer of each and you’ve done it. Get more on the beer cocktail at the link

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Keg Kings! The Steel Keg Association on Earth Week crowning the winners: National Restaurant - Buffalo Wild Wings. Regional Restaurant - Mellow Mushroom. Local Restaurant - Clyde’s Restaurant Group. Large Brewery - Yuengling. Mid-sized Brewery - Allagash Brewing Company. Small Brewery - Barley Brown’s Beer. Draft Innovation - The Golden Mill. All the details on the awards at the link!

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