Elvis Midnight Snack, Is Wade Boggs Cool Blue, & Kings County Coffee

00:00 - Welcome to the Boozebuddy Update. For you Boozebuddies today I have - Elvis Midnight Snack, Is Wade Boggs Cool Blue, & Kings County Coffee

00:17 - Elvis Midnight Snack, as everyone knows was a sandwich with bananas, peanut butter, and bacon grease. If you want all the tastes with none of the sandwich - you’re in luck. Elvis Whiskey is releasing their flavored Midnight Snack whiskey. It packs a little kick along with all of those flavors at 70 proof. Not too pricey though as it’s going to cost about $35 a bottle. It should be available just about everywhere, details at the link https://tinyurl.com/23y8pqc7

01:03 - Is Wade Boggs Cool Blue? Seems like a fair question, but at the same time - do we need to check? According to Wade Boggs, we definitely do. The former baseball star teamed up with Pabst Blue Ribbon to make a mockumentary-looking video full of almost conspiracies that sure make it look like Check the link to see his demands from PBR and let's get Justice for Wade! https://boggsisblue.com/

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02:08 - Kings County Coffee - the distillery from Ney York State has created a flavored whiskey they say is as well suited for pouring a late-night neat as it is for cocktails. Parlor Coffee whiskey was created with better ingredients, clocks in at 40% ABV, and should cost about $40 around most of the country. To get more on Parlor Coffee, click the link https://tinyurl.com/29tdreou

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