15 Best Sour Beers, Winemaking Magic, & World’s Best Whisky

Welcome to the Boozebuddy Update. For you Boozebuddies today I have - Sour Beers, Winemaking Magic, & World’s Best Whisky

Sour Beers - the top 15! They’re not for everyone. I will offer this bit of sage advice - if you want to try some, try it a bottle share with others, and bring a beer you know you like - just in case. Hill Farmstead, as no one should be surprised, has one here. Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen brewery also has one at the top of this list. At the very top - if you like sour beer - you already know this name. Cantillon. It’s one of the few sour beers where people wait until it comes out to pounce and buy as much as they can. Find the top 15 at the link! https://www.tastingtable.com/1233595/popular-sour-beers-ranked/

Winemaking Magic, if you believe the writer of this story, is in the land of New Mexico. The locals say the aquifer fed vineyard has ‘holy water’ to thank for the end result, also helped by rains that come at just the right time The land consists of over 600,000 acres at 4,000–6,000 feet above sea level in the southwestern corner of the state, producing about 300,000 cases of wine a year - but planting more each year. Keep your eye on this region and get more at the link https://www.winemag.com/2023/03/30/mimbres-new-mexico-ava/

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World’s Best Whisky has been crowned. On March 30th whisky and whisky makers from around the world received word on how their spirits fared at the 2023 World Whiskies Awards. The Winner was Tel Aviv’s M&H Distillery winning World’s Best Single Malt prize with Elements Sherry Cask. It was referred to as a complicated symphony of flavors, that wowed judges. Get more at the link. https://tinyurl.com/2zbyfncz

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