The Longest Bar, John Wick Rocks Hard, & Get Suped Up

The Longest Bar, Humble Baron, is opening March 23, 2023 in Shelbyville, Tennessee, at Nearest Green Distillery. The bar features a 19-station, 525-foot-long showpiece bar that completely wraps around an indoor stage. With James Beard nominee and critically acclaimed chef and “Turn Up the Heat” TV host Chef G. Garvin, you’ll have good food to nosh on.

What does John Wick have to do with Rocking Hard? A partnership to promote the new “John Wick: Chapter 4” movie with a Sweepstakes, or as they’re calling it a “SUITSTAKES”. Starting March 15 at Hard Rock Cafe locations in North America fans will have a taste of the luxurious. Aim to "Live like Wick." with a custom-tailored suit, ticket giveaways, VIP events, and culinary experiences - by heading to the link for more

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Seasonal and special releases are something that we’ve come to expect and even rely on in the craft brewing world. This one is coming from Athletic Brewing, known for delicious N/A beers, they're making fans with special releases like “Suped Up”, a collab with Super Coffee with five grams of protein packed into each 12-ounce can. Sounds like beer really is for breakfast! Get more details on Suped Up at the link

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