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Friday, March 24, 2023

Powdered Beer, Vodka Bettering , & Bartender Recommended for National Cocktail Day

For you Boozebuddies today I have - Powdered Beer, Vodka Bettering , & Bartender Recommended Rye for National Cocktail Day

Powdered Beer, from Germany? Well, actually this is not entirely beer, it has zero alcohol, but it sounds like it tastes a lot like beer, looks a lot like beer, and it’ll froth and foam up like a beer - once you do add some water. The testing phase will go through the middle of 2023, and then alcohol should be added to the mix as it scales up. Skepticism is expected, but if they can overcome that, cheers? Hit the link for more

Vodka Bettering - by White Claw. They sure have grown up and some bettering. Or, maybe gimmicking? They’ve created the world's first Triple Wave Filtered™ vodka. The first-of-its-kind filtration process uses tremendous pressure equal to three 30-foot waves to create a vodka with distinctive taste, aroma, and smoothness. Vodka is being chased by rum for the number one spot, maybe this will be enough to hold onto it. More at the link

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Bartender Recommended Ryes for your cocktails. I always trust those slinging spirits daily to know what people don’t send back and people are willing to pay for again and again. So this list of Rye Whiskeys can be relied on to be the backbone of your next mixed beverage. No surprise that you’ll recognize names - like WhistlePig Small Batch 10-year and Russell’s Reserve 6-year. But did you expect that Wild Turkey 101 would make the list too? Go check out the list and get your order in at the link to stay safe, and drive sober.

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