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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Pickled Tequila, Forget Jack, and Expanding Noon

Pickled Tequila! There’s now an official Tequila for Pickleball. Major League Pickleball announcing that Dulce Vida Tequila is the official sponsor of the '23 & '24 seasons and plan to engage with fans through fun on and off the courts. Look for signage, product displays, and fan engagement activities featuring Dulce Vida throughout this year and next. You can get more at the link.

Forget Jack - there’s a new Tennessee Craft Distillery you should be paying attention to. Forget Jack Daniels? Chattanooga Whiskey seems to be giving people a compelling reason to give them a try and leave some other Tennessee brands behind. Their latest offering is a straight malt whiskey - but it’s finished in Silver Oak Cabernet Casks. They’re doing things their own way will continue to push the envelope in what’s coming out of Tennessee distillers. Check out the link for more.

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Expanding Noon - as High Noon seltzer is launching a new line of tequila cocktails. Premixed cocktails and tequila were 2022’s two fastest-growing revenue categories (according to DISCUS). This follows other brands like Ranch Water, Topo Chico, Cutwater Spirits, & Cazadores Tequila. Can’t blame High Noon for wanting in on that action, and realizing the vodka and tequila drinkers have different tastes, but all want real spirits, real juice, and not much else. For more on the 4.5% ABV cans, head to the link

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