No Boil Beer, Guinness Gets Ill.,& Pastry Stout for Good

No Boil Beer? I was doubting this was real as I was reading, Southern Tier has found a way to skip the energy intensive process. Not to say the beer isn’t heated at all, but the way it’s heated is more like the way products are pasteurized. That ensures any bad microbes are destroyed, but it preserves some of the benefits that Southern Tier discovered, especially in the flavors of their Hazy IPA. Get the surprising info at the link

Guinness gets Ill. Finally! No, not sick, I mean Chicago, Illinois. The target date for opening. Saint Patrick’s Day 2023. We hear they are in the final stretch and so now they know the new open date will be later this summer. This will be a uniquely Chicago experience, highlighting all 77 of Chicago’s neighborhoods inside the brewery. They will also be working on a coffee program, beer cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages as well. Get the details at the link

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Pastry Stout for Good! Harpoon has a new Pastry collaboration, this time with Flour Bakery + Café. Sticky Bun Stout is the real deal as it’s made with real Sticky Buns from Flour Bakery + Cafe. You’ll get all the sticky bun flavor notes like; toasted pecans, caramel, brown sugar, and cinnamon.  A portion of proceeds will be donated to Camp Harbor View who offer several services  at no cost to families. Get the details at the link

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