NBA Prosecco, Seltzer is Beer, & King of Kegs

Welcome to the Boozebuddy Update. For you Boozebuddies today I have - NBA Prosecco, Seltzer is Beer, & King of Kegs

NBA Prosecco! James Harden is expanding his lineup of wines and collaborating with Accolade wines for J-HARDEN Prosecco. It’s not some muted bottle of bubbly either - they say the flavors are vivid and impossible to ignore. Look for the approachable and affordable Prosecco to cost about $17 a bottle at retailers everywhere soon, if not already where you shop. Click the link for more, where they also have a retailer list at

Seltzer is Beer! Yep, legally that’s the word - at least for Corona Seltzer. They were sued for violating an agreement making and marketing the seltzer. hat leaves Corona Hard Seltzer and Modelo Ranch Water off the hook. The big question is - will this make other fermented beverages beer too - like cider, wine, and mead? Click the link for more on the hot take from the jury.

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The Steel Keg Association was born in 2022 from six leaders from various sectors in the craft beer biz. They’re promoting the use of steel kegs because they are awesome, removing the equivalent of  6 billion containers out of the waste stream. Now, they’re accepting nominees for “Keg Champion Awards”. It’s open to businesses of any size. Click the link for more

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