Mastodon Wine, Hardcore Challenge, & Fever-Tree Mixers

For you Boozebuddies today I have - Mastodon Wine, Hardcore Challenge, & Fever-Tree Mixers

Medium and I tooted back and forth recently on Mastodon and the result is this story “As a Sommelier, Here Is Everything We Wish People Knew About Wine”. They Cover everything from the most important factor in what makes a good wine, common wine myths, the BIG difference between a cheap bottle and a budget bottle.  Click one link for the full story, and the other to toot at me on Mastodon and

Hardcore Challenge - tying a cherry stem with your teeth. If you can do this, submit an entry into Angry Orchard’s #HardcoreCherryChallenge for a chance at $8,000 - and some of the 8% ABV Angry Orchard Hardcore. Enter before the contest runs out on March 27th. Get the details, rules and regulations on how to enter for your chance to win at the link

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Fever-Tree Mixers?! Many of us have been using Fever-Tree in cocktails because they’re great! Well, Fever-Tree is releasing a line of cocktail mixers. They have Margarita for tequila, Mojito for rum, and Espresso Martini for  vodka. Why did these mixers launch overseas first? We need answers! To get your own, click the link

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