BORG Update, Cold IPAs, & Finger Lakes Wine

Welcome to the Boozebuddy Update. For you Boozebuddies today I have - BORG Update, Cold IPAs, & Finger Lakes Wine

The BORG trend continues and it got worse! On a previous episode ( ) I talked about the alcohol in recipes I’ve seen - commonly a fifth. With fairly standard vodkas - it’s 16 shots worth. That’s 6 more shots than it would take to have put college me into a blackout. Umass Amherst saw 28 students travel by ambulance in one weekend. Get more on this dangerous Tik Tok trend.

Cold IPAs really picked up steam last year, but still no official description of a Cold IPA. Wayfinder is the creator of the Original Cold IPA and says it’s defined by a simple grain bill tons of new-school hops and it’s, “Clean, clear, and hoppy… We call it Cold IPA because it tastes cold,”. Until there’s an official style - have a little fun experimenting. Check it out and dive in!

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The Finger Lakes region of the US keeps pumping out great wine, so I’ll keep talking about them! They are high acid and light or medium boy, that pairs well with food, but doesn't overwhelm. Find your new style att he link.

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