Alcohol Moovement, Vino’s Underdogs & Curry Bourbon

Welcome to the Boozebuddy Update. For you Boozebuddies today I have - Alcohol Moovement, Vino’s Underdogs & Curry Bourbon

The Alcohol Moovement might have finally landed. This was an idea I first saw kicked around on Fingers ( then Twitter by Dave Infante, and it’s hard milk. Milk, with booze as lactose can be converted into alcohol. Whey based alcohol seems to live in a grey area of laws. The riches are in the niches - to dig into this niche, click the link

Vinos Underdogs. There are plenty of wines that go unrecognized by you every day. You might be walking up to a rosé, passing right by a Ramato. Are you moving aside an Aglianico to grab that Cabernet? Have you even heard of Mt Etna? These are your wine underdogs. Go check out the list,and start down the path of finding a wine that might be distinctly you, at the link

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Curry Bourbon. Wardell Stephen Curry aka Steph Curry is the latest athlete with his own brand. The Golden State Warriors player joins J-Harden, Lebron James, CJ McCollum, and Michael Jordan. Details we know this - it’s planned name is Gentleman’s Cut Game Changer, will be bottled at 85 proof, and aged five years. The article has more on Game Changer at the link.

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