Absolut Flavor, Vinyl Beers, & Old No 12

Absolut Flavors - of spicy and flavorful vodka are here. Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit - kicks off a new lineup of mid-level vodkas. Absolut Nights Smoky Piña is now part of a premium shots collection. Absolut Wild Berri as part of their expanded flavored range with a palate of blueberries, blackberries, & wild strawberries. More on the collection at the link https://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2023/03/absolut-debuts-new-range-of-vodkas/

Vinyl Beers are here with Dogfish Head helping to ring in Record Store Day, on Saturday, April 22 brought to you by the letters A, B, C, & E. Those “magic chords” make up much of the music we hear and this IPA called Catchy Chorus celebrates that with Eureka, Bravo, Calypso and Azacca hops in the mix. Sam Caliglione calls himself and the Dogfish Head crew “beer geeks with music problems” and this is part of a collab that also pulls in Brooklyn Bowl for several Records Store Themed events across the country. Get all the details at the link https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dogfish-head-craft-brewery-to-celebrate-record-store-day-with-launch-of-catchy-chorus-new-music-themed-beer-301774503.html

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Old Number 12 & Old Number 10, are here from the old Number 7 brand - Jack Daniels of course. Jack Daniel’s 12 Years Old Tennessee Whiskey is bottled at 107 proof. Jack Daniel’s 10-Year-Old Tennessee Whiskey batch 2 is bottled at 97 proof. The barrels get moved around in a unique pattern. As they say “if we want to keep some dadgum whiskey in that barrel, we need to move it”. For more, click the link https://whiskeyraiders.com/american/jack-daniels-12-year-launch/ Buy me a Beer and get merch - https://ko-fi.com/boozebuddy

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