3 in 1, Wine Hack, & Light Lagers FTW

Welcome to the Boozebuddy Update. For you Boozebuddies today I have - 3 in 1, Wine Hack, & Light Lagers FTW 3 in 1 - a cup that holds 3 drinks has been devised by a college kid and it’s leaving the world wondering why we didn’t do this before? The Mesa college area has been taken by storm, or by ‘WesCup’ the creation of 19 year old Wes Renda. “Wes thought of his creative idea at the age of 11. He was tired of having to finish a 48-ounce drink with just one flavor...“ get more on the great idea at the link https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/local/zevely-zone/wescup/509-275e6ace-b8cb-4f9a-b2b1-dc4bf4bacf32 Wine Hack for storing wine, direct from a sommelier. The best container for storing your wine is one you may already have. Mason jars. Works best when filled right up to the top. This idea comes from a sommelier who educates users about vino with the username @confidenceuncorked on TikTok. Check out the story at the link https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/store-leftover-wine-37235045 The Boozebuddy Update is brought to you by Green Mountain Payments - helping local business owners save thousands of dollars by providing complimentary credit card processing equipment and zero cost credit card processing. Visit greenmountainpayments.com or posandzero.com today! Light Lagers FTW - that’s for the win FYI. Lagers kind of rule, and craft beer makers have really doubled down on making, as I call them, dad beers. I was just singing the praises of McLighty’s from Zero Gravity mclightysbeer.com/ - a definitely crushable beer. Craft beer teaches the consumers that we can expect more from a beer, and support a local brewery in the process, while drinking something approachable and delicious. For more, click the link https://daily.sevenfifty.com/why-more-craft-brewers-are-embracing-light-lagers/ Buy me a Beer and get merch - https://ko-fi.com/boozebuddy Find all the show notes, links, and suggest a story at https://BoozebuddyUpdate.com *Affiliate links below* El Gato Retractable Green Screen - https://amzn.to/3gKm4jr LED Streaming Key Light Desktop - https://amzn.to/3TYfV10 Canon 80D - https://amzn.to/3JwYpiB MOMAN MA6 Lavalier Mic - https://amzn.to/3ZktFHf #theboozebuddyupdate #boozebuddy #boozebuddyupdate #beerindustry #boozenews #booze #wescup #threeinone #trifecta #multiple #multiuse #mesa #cup #inventions #invention #wine #winelovers #winestorage #winelove #winehack #lifehacks #lifehack #lifehacking #mason #masonjar #lagers #lightbeer #craftbeer #craftbeerlover #lightlager #crushable #dadbod #craftlager the boozebuddy update, beer industry, global news, booze news, booze, #mesa college, wes cup, wescup, three in one, trifecta, multiuse cup, invention, inventor, wine hack, life hack, mason jar, wine storage, storing wine, best way to store wine, light lager, craft beer, craftlager, light beer, crushable beer,

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