Scotch Squabble, Wine and Chill & Biking Beer

Scotch Squabble! Scotch makers are accusing Bourbon Barrel makers of cheapening out and shorting them on their used barrels. The accusation is called “rinsing”. The real issue, is why aren’t Scotch makers making sure of the process the barrels they buy go through? Get more at the link

Wine and Chill! To help celebrate Drink Wine Day tomorrow, I found a list of the best wine movies to chill with while you work on your best bottle. What’s your favorite wine and movie mix - is it “Sideways” with some *bleeping* Merlot? I know that’s high on my list. “Wine Country” is a fun jaunt, if you haven’t seen it - worth the watch. “Bottle Shock” is a good movie too - but on my list, this weekend, is “Uncorked”. Go to your bottle shop, get a bottle of good wine, and pick your movie at the link

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Biking Beer with a formal partnership. Lynn, Massachusetts based Bent Water Brewing and the New England Mountain Biking Association, or NEMBA, have agreed to a unique partnership. Definitely a win/win. Keep the rubber side down while you pedal over to the link to get more on the partnership

Remember to stay safe, drive sober and support the booze that supports your local community. Have a comment, question, or story suggestion? Reach out to me at

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