Genesee Poll, Craft Elixirs & Mardi Gras Drinks

Craft Elixirs is the One-Thosandth Story - and Craft Elixirs have hit the market courtesy of a 20-year veteran of the industry. Linchpin Elixirs’ first product out the door is Linchpin Aperitivo. Could it be the start of an entirely new line? Well, Matt Grant is keeping mum about the future. You can in cocktails like Pallino, Cosmopolitan, Daquiri, and Negroni. To get more on Linchpin Elixirs, head to the link

Help Genny! Genesee Specialty is releasing potentially several limited-edition beers for 2023. The need you to vote on the candidates in this race; Winter Citrus, Apple, Pear Cinnamon, and Winter Berry. They will have in-person voting available for those who live and visit the Rochester and Buffalo areas, but for the rest of us - we can go online for the voting. For full descriptions of the beers, and how or where to vote, head to the link

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It’s Mardi Gras season! Can’t be there - well you can whip up your own celebration with some special cocktails to give you the vibe that you’re there. The drinks recommended include the Sazerac (yes, just like the brand that makes Pappy Van Winkle and others) that uses Absinthe in the mix, Hurricane Cocktails - which originated in a speakeasy and the password was “Storm’s Brewin”, Port Wine St. Charles Punch, and Ramos Gin Fizz - these drinks cover a lot of territory and flavors. The list doesn’t stop there, so see what you got, what you need, and get ready for Fat Tuesday at the link!

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