China’s BrewDog, Daniels Cola, & Black Bubbly

China’s BrewDog is coming, thanks to a partnership with Budweiser! Yes, the brand that seemed disgusted by big beer, has teamed up for a big bite of the Asian continent. By partnering with Budweiser China, they’ll have access to a much bigger network. This news comes as BrewDog seems to be planning for an IPO sometime in the coming years. If they can increase the distribution well over the current 1% of sales, investors would surely be happy. Get more at the link

Daniels Cola, no, that’s not right. Oh, yes Jack and Coke RTD cans are set to have an official launch in the US soon. Were you lucky enough to try this while it was being tested in Mexico? The Canned cocktail will have an ABV of 5% and looks to be in about 12-ounce containers. More is sure to come out before the launch, and to find the latest - click the link.

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Black Bubbly - is a thing. Yes, you can make a cocktail with a stout and your leftover champagne. Whether you call it a black velvet might depend on where you are, or what you put in it. While some people will use a stout like Guinness, you can swap in a porter, even a black lager like Schwarzbier. The creamy, dreamy cocktail allows you to flex, and mix whatever ingredients you have. As a result, there are several variations of the cocktail. Here’s a link with more, or just search online 

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