BOOZE NEWS: Stand-In, Binge Pill, & Truly Refreshing

Desk Decoy! Do you need some time off work? This year Saint Patrick’s Day is on a Friday and Actress Regina Hall (from Malibu’s Most Wanted, Girls Trip, and Scary Movie) is here to help all Irish Whiskey lovers to use their PTO days and make Friday March 17 an SPTO (St. Patrick's Day Time Off) with the help of a custom Jameson "Desk Decoy" — a life-sized version to "stand in" for you this holiday. To order yours head to before March 3rd. 

Binge Pill! Could you use a pill to help decrease the amount of drinking you do? There’s a pill that’s been found effective at reducing the desire to binge on alcohol. It was actually first meant to help wean people off opioids but was found effective in a three-month study to be very effective, along with counseling, to cut down by more than 25% of the excess drinking done by participants. That’s a lot of savings too as the pill costs a fraction of the cost of alcohol, which put about 1/3 of the money people were spending on overindulgence back into their pockets. We’re all about quality, not quantity, and maintaining a healthy relationship with alcohol. It’s why I take a few days off each week. This could end up being a new treatment program for those who aren’t alcoholics, but are prone to excess.  If you could use a hand - reach out to SAMSHA at or 1-800-662-HELP (4357). find out more at the link

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Truly Refreshing! Truly beverages are going through a major overhaul across all of their products... again. Also, they are dropping the ‘seltzer’ name and replacing that with ‘Vodka Soda’ The new look will also give Truly the opportunity to add the U.S. Soccer logo this summer as part of the company’s sponsorship deal. The unified look will start hitting store shelves by April. Click the link for the changes

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