BOOZE NEWS: A Little Irish Luck, US Favorite Vodka, & Brewing Teamwork

Brewing Teamwork! It’s happening in Canada and I hope that breweries everywhere are taking note. Typically smaller craft breweries have been locked out of these events, with some exceptions, because the venues are concerned they can’t meet the demand. To get around that craft brewers can go in together on the contract to meet the minimum requirements that have kept contracts elusive in the past. I hope the new model is successful and shows other cities that craft brewers can team up to make this happen. Get more at the link

A Little Irish Luck, is here, and just in time for Saint Patricks Day. Don’t tell me this is early, I love St Paddy’s Day and anything that helps me plan out this very special time for me is a bonus. This Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake has mint, vanilla, and a hint of chocolate. Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake is meant to be enjoyed in all St. Patrick’s Day celebrations - however you choose to use it. If you want to find out more, including recipes you might need to try, head to the link

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The US’ Favorite Vodka has some competition. While Titos Handmade Vodka is still at the top, a New Zealand vodka has been nipping at its heels. Broken Shed has now been crowned the fastest growing vodka in the US for the second time. Broken Shed is available in 30 U.S. markets and growing. Find out more about Broken Shed Vodka at the link

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