BOOZE NEWS: Liqueur Trends, Bourbon Hunting, & Warming Wine

Liqueur Trends are back, as low ABV cocktails have been growing steadily for years, where the liqueur is the only source of alcohol. Since most liqueurs have a fraction of the ABV content of distilled spirits, it means you have a sippable beverage with an infusion of flavors that just isn’t possible without it. Boyden Valley Winery & Spirits, not far from me, shifted to focusing more on their Apple Cinnamon, Maple Cream, and Maple Bourbon Cream Liqueurs, and it’s paying off. Not only are they delicious, but heck - they’re local. Get more on some of the trends at the link, and ask your local bottle shop or bartender for their suggestions

Bourbon Hunting! Get your hands on a great bottle that punches above its weight and get recommended over and over again. Old Ezra, Elijah Craig, and Weller all made the top of this list - to see all the ones that consistently make the cut, head to the link and get hunting!

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Warming Wine seems like a funny thing to do - but during the winter your wine can be downright chilly. The same wine that gets a frozen grape in summer might need a trip to the sauna before it hits your glass now. The article relates it to Goldilocks and the Three Bears & how to find 'just right' without overdoing it. Maybe just cuddle with the bottle if needed? Get deeper into the discussion at the link

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