BOOZE NEWS: The BORG, 007 Whiskey and Grohl Gratitude

The BORG is here to take over. No, not the robotic zombies from Star Trek, The BORG or  Blackout Rage Gallons is the latest bad trend being shared on social media. Have you seen, heard of, or been offered one? Find out more on this trend at the link

007 Whiskey - In a follow-up to an earlier story - the Macallan is completing its journey through the 60 years of Bond with a few notable items and events. Also, unrelated, there’s an auction of a 35-year-old rare cask. The Macallan's last cask to go on the auction blocked fetched over $2 Million! To get all in the info - head to the link 

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Grohl Gratitude with Dave Grohl - who helped celebrate and thank our neighbors to the north for all they’ve offered us over the years! Did you know Football was created in Canada? This was all a launchpad to kick off the "Crown Royal Chain of Gratitude" sweepstakes/game/gratitude project that invites Crown Royal fans to join a "Chain of Gratitude," – a digital collectible-based game where Crown Royal themed prizes will be awarded based on the sharing of gratitude from one person to another. To check out all the things Canada offers and how to sign up - head to the link

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