BOOZE NEWS: Beer Prophecies, German Tequila, & Shots of Pleasure

Beer Prophecies - Rolling Stone has sifted through several of them to ignore and compiled a list of the biggest ones that shouldn’t be on your list. Lagerd, Hard Mountain Dew, Recessions, and Seltzers are on their list. Ignore them yourself at the link

German Tequila? NEIN! It’s not tequila, it’s a different Agave Spirit called Selva Negra. Would you drink this new 100 percent agave spirit made in Germany’s Black Forest? Coming from the land of cuckoo clocks and a chocolate cake so good it’s named after the forest comes a *NOT* tequila. Like all Agave Spirits, they suggest it can be used for classic cocktails like Palomas, Margaritas, and Negroni. Get more at the link

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Shots of Pleasure with everyone's favorite - Whipshots. Why is Cardi B’s brand pushing this with Dr. Ruth Westheimer though? Dr. Ruth likely has all the tips and tricks you’ll need to whip (or chain) things up in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day. Get the teaser video, at the link and prepare for stimulation

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