BOOZE NEWS: Top NA Beers, Thrifty Whiskeys, & Black IPA Is Back

Best NA Beers for 2023, is here. Have you tried a non-alcoholic beer yet? Let me know your experience so far. Personally, my favorites so far have been from Athletic, and one group that’s surprisingly missing from this list - Rescue Club. A friend of mine recently said, “There’s never been a better time for Dry January”. This list of great NA options shows how true that is. Click the link, try some, let me know.

7 Thrifty Whiskeys for you to try, from a list I almost missed, all under about $75, and start at $30. I might have to make room for these. Check the list, and see which you might like.

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Black IPA Back? Boy I sure hope so. I’m one of the holdouts who buys it literally every time I see it. Have you held out hope for Black IPAs to return too? There’s a solid group of us just waiting. Unfortunately, looks like I’ll have to ship it to me. Click the link for more

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