BOOZE NEWS: Scottish Faux Pas, Cointreau Competition, & Roxie NA Cocktails

The Scottish Government just made pretty much anyone in the alcohol industry really upset. You won’t believe why! This is such an epic fail, it’s laughable. For those not aware yet - The Scottish government just said “Without branding and other marketing strategies, alcohol products in each beverage sub-sector are essentially variations of the same thing”. They doubled down on that ignorant statement with another show of idiotic behavior - the report suggests the prohibition of selling or distributing alcohol-branded merchandise. Check out more on the #EpicFail at the link

Cointreau is celebrating 75 years of the Margarita with its third year of their Cointreau Margarita Challenge! Do you have a great margarita recipe to share? If so - let me know, put it in the comments, or submit it to Cointreau and see if you win! The challenge welcomes bartenders around the world to throw in their attempt to create the best Margarita on earth. Brush up on your recipe and then head to the link to find out more, and submit your unique recipe by January 31st at the link

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Roxie is a new zero-proof cocktail from Molson Coors, and I’m sharing it with you as part of my continued ‘toe dip’ into Dry January. Roxie is being sold exclusively online. Roxie comes in passionfruit, mango and pineapple flavors, but it’s definitely not juice and doesn’t taste like it either. Check out more at the link

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