BOOZE NEWS: Runless Bourbon, Home Distilling, & Portable Cocktail Station

A Bourbon Contest! To help Celebrate 8 million barrels, Buffalo Trace is hosting a run, with a giveaway, and a big positive catch - it doesn’t seem to require any actual running (unless I missed it in the rules). The prize includes Airfare, Two nights in Kentucky, an $800 gift card at Buffalo Trace, and $500 for whatever else you need, plus car service. The signup already started and runs through February 18th. So run to this link and sign up!

Home Distilling is growing. Ohio is considering a bill to allow each individual in a home to make 200 gallons of personal distilled booze each year without a permit. Now, it’s important to realize that federally, it’s still illegal to distill alcohol for drinking. It makes you a bootlegger facing potentially dozens of charges. To get more, and maybe share with your lawmakers, head to the link

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Black and Decker have made their cocktail station portable. The upcoming portable Bev Black + Decker Cordless Cocktail Maker lets you take the maker and capsules on the road with your battery pack. There's even a light show they call “enhanced party mode” that floods the bottles with colored lights. The 20 Volt battery pack is good for about 250 drinks. To get more and start planning your remote cocktail adventures, head to the link!

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