BOOZE NEWS: Retro Pouch, Salty Collab, & Lite Fight

In Today's Podcast Sun Ice pouch-style RTD cocktails are showing tremendous growth, Four Roses collabs with OSMO Salt for Valentine's Day Drinks, & Miller Lite and Coors Light duke it out for the Super Bowl!

Sun ICE RTDs launched in 2021 and they’ve been riding the wave of RTDs since, with over 25,000 cases sold. The flexible packs their products are in set them apart and, for some who grew up with beverages in a pouch, it feels a bit retro. The company is part of the same group that created sun shots, so you can take those shots on the go. Distribution will cover at least 1/3 of the US by the end of 2023 with nationwide coverage expected in 2024.

Four Roses is getting Salty, but not with age, for love (aww). The Distillery has teamed up with OSMO Salt to create an infused salt for our next holiday, Valentine's Day. The Limited edition Osmo Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt can be added to the rim of your glass as it’s made just for cocktails featuring Four Roses Small Batch. Their site comes complete with recipes and tips for making a Valentine's Day drink you won’t forget. Get salty and add some spice to your Valentine's Day at the link

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A Lite Fite, or could be Light Fight. Well, the question is this. Miller or Coors - which one will be at the Super Bowl? Yes, with Budweiser not in lockdown mode, it means MolsonCoors will be splashing one brand name all over the NFL showdown - Miller Lite or Coors Light. Who will win?  Hopefully the fans. That’s who I’m always rooting for. Get more at the link and make sure to let me know who you’re voting for. 

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