BOOZE NEWS: Oh Canada, Double Barrel Agave, & Grammy’s Goosed Again

Oh Canada, the country just north of us pulled the rug out from under a lot of people and sent the world into a tizzy with a recent big change in advice for drinkers. There is no magic number, and the US, Australia, and the UK all differ, but the World Health Organization recently said there’s no safe amount, which Canada seems to suddenly agree with, to the shock of.. well, everyone. Check the link for more

Double Barrel Agave has arrived. For Espanita Tequila, launched in 2017, it seems there will be more releases of Double Barrels, as they kick off their limited edition reposado collection with Espanita Double Barrel Reposado Tequila. The tequila is aged and matured in American white oak casks and then moved on to finish in Kentucky inside Bourbon barrels. Get more at the link

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Grammy’s got Goosed! Grey Goose and The Grammys have teamed up, once again, for the 65th Grammy Awards. To celebrate, they're pulling out all the stops: tickets to next year's awards ceremony, hosting a digital series called GREY GOOSE x GRAMMYs®: Sound Sessions through YouTube and Instagram, and whipping up several cocktails to go with whatever your music genre is. Check the link for more

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