BOOZE NEWS: No Regrets Beer, Cheap or Genius, & Rangers Idiot Owner

No Regrets Beer, as we head toward the end of Dry January it’s obvious that things are very different this year than in years past. If you’re having trouble finding a good NA Beer, then look no further - several options are in this article. Get the list of 12 NA beers here

Dogfish Head Cheap is making some news with a recent decision. So is Dogfish Head Cheap, or Genius? Dogfish Head only did a regional SuperBowl ad to promote the Electric Football World Championship on February 4th and 5th. They will launch a custom beer-themed edition of Tudor Games' Electric Football game. Get the details at the link

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Rangers Idiot Owner James Nolan has responded to the NY State Liquor Authority by saying he’s not going to serve alcohol at an upcoming game. This not genius is planning to punish the team, fans, vendors, and most of all the staff who probably work paycheck to paycheck to serve booze. Just goes to show, owning a team, doesn’t mean you’re smart. Get the details at the link

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