BOOZE NEWS: Hot Toddy Day, Hack or Whack, & Best-Selling Whiskeys

Happy Hot Toddy Day! If you want a simple Hot Toddy to make today, Fishers Island Lemonade is a ready-to-drink beverage that is also ready-to-Toddy. I’ll provide a link to the YouTube video that shows you how to make it right from the source here So, about that history - is it from England, India (where it’s called a “Taddy”), or possibly even Ireland? While I sip, do some internet sleuthing at the link

Hack or Whack? Sometimes when you hear of a “life hack”, it's either helpful or a solid no. I think this one is a no for me, but you decide. Would you use this hack? The hack is to pre-freeze your beer into ice cubes, and then add the frozen ice cubes to your beer when you kneed to keep it cold.  I think this one works for grapes (so your wine isn’t watered down) or iced coffee which has a strong enough flavor, but not in my beer, thanks. Click the link for more. and an affiliate link to a beer chiller

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Here are the Best-Selling Whiskeys. Whiskeys are popular in the US, and you might be surprised at what we are spending our dollars on. Where does your favorite fall on this list? Also, check the link for top trending whiskeys and how they got the numbers.

More info on a whiskey challenger tomorrow.  

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