BOOZE NEWS: Absolut Zero, Stone Fan Favorites, & Jameson Vibing

Absolut Zero is closer than you think, at least when we’re talking about the vodka. They predict they’ll be carbon neutral by 2030 and have pending B-corp status. Absolut already boasts 98% fewer emissions from their distillery and their bottle has 60% recycled glass, so you can feel pretty good about the bottle, what’s inside, and where it’s made. This only scratches the surface, so get more at the link

Stone Fan Favorites are bringing back some old fans, and likely making new ones. This time, it’s Ruination IPA’s chance to return. Has your favorite Stone beer made a comeback yet? The beer that clocks in at 8.2%, and was canceled in 2015, is available for a limited time. More at the link

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Jameson is Vibing and just wants people to take it easy. Their new campaign  ‘Jameson. Easy Does It’ encourages people to drink in moderation, and uses humor from comedian Aisling Bea to deliver the point that no one needs to feel pressured or stressed to drink in whatever way makes them comfortable. The campaign is out now in Europe and will go global later this year, so get a sneak peek at the link

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