BOOZE NEWS: 21+ Dessert, Juicy DIPA , & Enticing Reds

21+ Desserts are now in several states and the latest launch is in Chicago. PROOF alcohol ice cream is bringing its 7% ABV frozen goodness to Chicago. PROOF is sold online and in 700+ retail stores across six states and online. More at the link

JUICY DIPA is headed to nine states. Well, let me be more specific - Lawson’s Finest Ruby Red Grapefruit DIPA is now headed out across nine states. You’re in for a treat and, shocker, I strongly dislike actual grapefruit. I’ve talked about this beer before because it’s that darn good. According to Lawson’s Finest, "We use three different types of grapefruit addition. To learn more about how and where to get this fan favorite for several years now - head to the link

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Enticing Reds are here on a list of wines rated from 91 - 96. I will let you know that some on this list do go over my normal price points, but    some are in the roughly $30 price range. It’s worth having a conversation with your bottle shop to see what’s similar, what you might like, and what's in your budget. Check the link for more

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