Swiss Wines Inbound, Hangovers: Cured, & Pappy’s New Record

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Swiss Wines are Inbound! The tiny nation has some wines that importers say are worth the wait. Switzerland’s normally been a country that we think of with cheeses, chocolate, staying neutral, and banking. While those have eclipsed its wine-making skills, they say it’s long been a producer of fine wines. Will the Swiss wines sell? Check out the link

A Pharmacist has shared what’s being touted as a 100% effective cure for a hangover. She calls it a “Banana Bag” the same concoction given to someone going through alcohol withdrawal. Get the ingredients before you need them & give it a shot next time you’re struggling. You can go directly to the post by thewellnespharm at and an article that explores it in more detail at

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Move over Macallan, Pappy’s New Record sets it as one of those things that’s sure to be harder to get after a recent story on whiskey investing. a 23-year-old bottle of Pappy Van Winkle sold for $52,000! Southeby's broke records this past year, and it looks like things will keep being broken if the trend continues. Find out more at the link

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