Son Of A Batch, Invest In Booze, & C02 Playing Hard To Get

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Son Of A Batch, Batching cocktails is now a thing. I told you earlier this year - in a poorly shot and edited video - about batching cocktails. If you want to try this at home,  there are definitely some lessons learned. Honestly - with the way some establishments make them - a good batched recipe would be better than a botched small recipe. Head to the link for more.

Invest In Booze! Well, first, I’m not an investor, nor am I qualified to make any investing advice. What I can tell you is that all the major news networks have recently run with this story - but it’s a lot of fluff of just saying “someone picked up a bottle for $50 and now it’s worth thousands”. The worst thing that could happen, is the market crashes and you have some fine whiskey!

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Is C02 Playing Hard To Get? Well, yes and no. Every year, getting C02 is a bit tricky to get, the factories that make it shut down to clean up and handle repairs. What is new - the amount of THC in the market, forced out of the plants by C02. Those brewers hardest hit are in the West Coast, Midwest, and New England. Get more on the shortages at the link

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