Kuzy NHL Beer, Toast NYE & Better Than Pappy

Kuzy NHL Beer, coming from the Capitals Evgeny Kuznetsov and Juicy Brewing, called Kuzy 777 just released on Friday. The brewery will also be offering t-shirts, Koozies, and probably a bunch of other tchotchkes. The beer originally was going to be called Kusy 555, but Evgeny said, “are you kidding? We call it 777!” At least he knows what he wants, and sounds like it’s points and beer. Get more at the link! https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2022/12/22/evgeny-kuznetsov-teams-up-with-highly-rated-local-brewery-to-create-beer-called-kuzy-777/

Toast to 2023 - but what if you don’t like Champagne? Well you’re in luck because you can really ring in New Year's Eve. Let’s call up the list of 9 premium spirits you can choose from. If I was to pick one just from its bottle, it would be the Patsch Tequila. Something about the glass knuckles that says, “this’ll hurt you as much as it will hurt me” that just screams badass. Scroll through the list at the link… if you dare! Or… settle for the bubbly https://www.forbes.com/sites/jilliandara/2022/12/21/9-premium-labels-to-drink-on-nye-that-arent-champagne-or-bubbles/

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Better Than Pappy. Better Than Pappy? They can’t be serious, can they? Well, yes, Blade and Bow is serious. Pappy does sell for more, especially some older bottles at auction really, but still at a premium price - it better be darn good. And, rumor has it, it is. Get more at the link https://www.maxim.com/food-drink/why-blade-and-bows-22-year-old-bourbon-is-even-better-than-pappy-van-winkle/

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