BOOZE NEWS: Ontario Update, Labatt Fruity 0.0, & A Breakup #boozenews

Our Neighbors to the north are sharing that Waterloo Brewing Ltd. has signed a deal to be bought by the Carlsberg Group for $144 million. Did you see this coming? Look for Canadian Carlsberg to soon start sweeping across the region, if not more of North America.

No time for a hangover? No problem! Labatt Blue Light Non-Alc Strawberry Acai is here, with only 75 calories. Look for it in 6 packs of 12 oz cans in New York and MI. A 2023 launch is planned for PA, OH, and VT Learn more at the link

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Well, that didn’t seem to last long. Matthew McConaughey will end his partnership with Longbranch at the end of 2022. We actually told you about that story in an earlier episode, about how you could hang with the star, tour the countryside, and even do glow-in-the-dark fly fishing. Hopefully, all those activities will continue. Click the link for more

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