Best Whiskey,Wine Finds, & Kegs Are Over

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Best Whiskey, is out. Whiskey Advocate started their countdown last week and finally announced their top whiskey and… It’s a bargain. According to Whiskey Advocate they "Struck Gold”. It sure sounds like they made a good decision with this one, and you’ll be able to get it now and into the future as it's on the brand's permanent list of available whiskeys. Find out more on why it won at the link.

Wine Finds! It’s no secret that a lot of people shop at Costco and a lot of the people shopping there might drop into a Costco wine section now and then. If you do there’s a list of wines with scores that don’t dip below 87 that you can pick up as a little Christmas gift, or help to ring in the new year. Get the list and prepare to overload your cart, but be sure to make room for the wines on this list.

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Kegs Are Over?! It seems the used market that home brewers, and even start up breweries relied on, appears to be slipping. The containers used to hold soda mix, and they’re pretty durable, easy to carry around, fit in kegerators, and have rebuild kits. The warnings this were coming sounded when soda companies switched to a different container for their pre-mixed concoctions. Don’t be surprised if you have to pay more - or if you get an offer for more when you’re selling. Get more at the link and remember - there’s always bottling.

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