Bacardi Goes Potatoes, Hornitos Cash Gift, & CoD Beer Collab

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Bacardi Goes Potatoes, the Brand that makes Rum, Grey Goose Vodka, Dewars, Patrón, and Bombay Gin is ditching single-use plastics for more sustainable packaging. Their goal is to be plastic-free in 2030 using a new potato starch and cellulose fiber based vacuum pack. Look for their plastic-free gift packs for this season in select markets, and let me know what you think after you click the link.

Hornitos Cash Gift is going to turn someone’s white elephant gift into a Green Elephant gift. Turn that “no, no, no” into a “Ho-Ho-Hornitos moment and get yourself something you really want, like Hornitos Tequila! Your chance to enter Starts December 26th and ends on December 30th, so make sure to head to the link then get those pics ready to share and turn that smelly candle into cash with Christmas magic!

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A “Call Of Duty “Studio Beer Collab  is here. The studio that brought you the game, along with “Dead Space” has teamed up with Fieldwork Brewing for “Outer Way Stout” a 9% ABV Midnight Stout as a tie in with the release of a new game “The Callisto Protocol”. You can stop by a Fieldworks taproom, if you happen to be near one, or order from their website... to a California address. Time to call your friends in Cali! Check it out at

Remember to stay safe, drive sober and support the booze that supports your local community. Have a comment, question, or story suggestion? Reach out to me 

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