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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Weeknight Wine, Cidery Sale & Boston’s New Tequila Soda

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Weeknight Wine! And You thought it was just for weekends - but that sounds like the wrong attitude.Libby is a bit lighter, but, hey, if you don’t feel dulled the next day, especially those weeknights, it might be worth it. Check out the full review at

A Cidery Has Been Sold - Cold Hollow Cider, the Waterbury, Vermont-based business has a new owner. If you want to order some of their hard ciders, or check out the business, links are in the show notes. 

Order online:

News about the sale: 

The third story after this - The Boozebuddy Update is brought to you by Green Mountain Payments - helping local business owners save thousands of dollars by providing complimentary credit card processing equipment and zero cost credit card processing. Visit or today!

Boston Has a New Tequila Soda. The universe that is Boston Beer is growing and welcomes Loma Vista Tequila Soda in a limited early release.  Check out the link for more

Remember to stay safe, drive sober and support the booze that supports your local community. Have a comment, question, or suggestion? Reach out to me

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