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Melissa McCarthy, the lady you know and love from SNL skits, This is 40, and Bridesmaids has teamed up with her husband and actor Ben Falcone teamed up with Eastside Distilling’s Big Nose Kate Whiskey. Big Nose Kate isn’t available everywhere yet, but it seems well on its way - with a force like Melissa McCarthy behind it - I can’t imagine it going anywhere but up - like the star did in Thunderforce! Get the details at

Vodka Attacks Beer - this time Skyy Vodka has jumped in the ring against Dark Sky Brewery in a trademark dispute. The old argument, we’ve seen time and again claiming “Market Confusion” just seems like corporate bullying that makes Skyy Vodka look bad. The brewery owner isn’t rolling over and looks like he’ll fight it all the way. Here’s to the Underdog! Link in the show notes

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