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Monday, October 3, 2022

You Won’t Believe What Metallica Did, Top Ten Vodkas, & Glowing Halloween Bottles

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You Won’t Believe What Metallica Did, but if you enjoy cigars, you’ll probably love it. James Hetfield, Rob Deitrich, and Jonathan Drew created “M81” BLACKENED Cigars! For sizes and more details check out the link

Top Ten Vodkas are out. After gathering in August for The Vodka Masters 2022 blind tasting, the winners have been released. For more on the winners, head to the link

Glowing Halloween Bottles? Has Bacardi gone Batty? Well, yes. They even made some special cocktails like the Spookito, Pina Ghoulata, and Dark and Scary. For all five recipes and more on the bottles, head to the link

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