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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Overdoing It: Eggo Nog, How Much Hops, and Bailey’s S’Mores

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L’eggo My Eggo Nog as Eggo is now about more than waffles. They just announced a partnership - mixing it up with Sugarlands Distilling. To get all the details and links to the Sugarlands site with recipes and locater, head to the link

How Much Hops is too much? If there is a limit Tree House Brewing in Massachusetts intends to find out. They started “Project Find The Limit” last year and they’ve recently released number 10 in the series. Head to the link for more

Bailey’s S’Mores came out recently, well now it’s been tasted and tested. The word, from Taste of Home, is “We’ll be sipping it all fall”. To get more info - head to the link!

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