Find Out About James Bond's Secret Drink, Carlsberg Special Editions, & Spooky Kegs

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James Bond has a secret and it has nothing to do with a vodka martini. 007’s secret drink is whiskey! Now The Macallan James Bond 60th Anniversary Release has been unveiled. For more, click on the link in the show notes to see what is available and when it may be available.

Carlsberg Special Editions are being released to celebrate a milestone - 175 years of brewing. To celebrate they are releasing three special edition beers in a limited edition release. For more details on the beer and availability, head to the link in the show notes

Spooky Kegs are here for Halloween. Angry Orchard isn’t limiting their seasonally inspired Albany Post cider to their Hudson Valley location this year. To get more details and take a better look at the keg design, head to

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