Amazing Stories: Brad Pitt's Winery Studio, Whetstone's Sharp Marketing, & Houston Texans Tequila

Welcome to The Boozebuddy Update - Brad Pitt’s Winery Studio Open, Whetstone’s Sharp Marketing & Houston Texans Tequila

Brad Pitt’s Winery Studio is open. The Miraval Studio refresh is a big deal and great news for the music world. The studio hosted acts like Pink Floyd, AC/DC, the Cure, Sting, and The Cranberries. All the details at

Whetstone’s Sharp Marketing gets some cool stickers in your hand, and they’re right on the can. Get the details at

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Houston Texans have a Tequila. The NFL team has officially teamed up with 1800 tequila, a special “1800 Tequila Sideline Rita” recipe, and a “Taste the VIP Game Day” sweepstakes. For more information on rules and how to enter, the recipe, and how to get the bottle, head to the link

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