The Best Tequilas, NFT Beer, & Home Brewing Trends

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Best Tequilas, well that might depend on your disposable income. One rare tequila from the awarded 1800 Tequila family is sure to turn heads as it brings attention to Hispanic Heritage Month. The starting bid for the Tequila and NFT in its super collectible silver artistically crafted decanter is $25,000. Details at

NFT Beers, Solana beer’s can is covered with NFT’s and avatars that some crypto lovers are sure to enjoy and it’s also a shandy - which is great to drink while it’s still warm(ish) outside - before we bundle up with the colder weather beers. To learn more about the beer the Non Fungible Tokens covering it’s cans and the brewery, head to the link

Home Brewing Trends are being made or re-made with a man Jeff Enders who has been recreating and rediscovering some very old recipes in his home brewing operation in Wauwatosa. UW-Milwaukee professor, Bettina Arnold, is doing the same. To learn more about what they have, and how they're making them, check out

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