Shark Tank Party Punch, Best New Scotch Whiskies, & Spice Up Your Gin

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Shark Tank Party Punch Beatbox is back, it will make another appearance later today on the show. Mark Cuban originally invested in the RTD brand back in 2014 and they claim to be one of the fastest growing RTD brands, selling over 12 million BeatBoxes this year alone. They have an interesting lineup of investors and team of leaders they’ve added since the first appearance with leaders from InBev, MillerCoors, Tito’s and other industry veterans plus other celebrities and content creators. You can read the story to learn more and then find out what’s next for Beatbox on Shark Tank. Link with more int he show notes

Best New Scotch Whiskies aren’t cheap, but if you have a little room in your budget for a bottle, this list of limited edition, flagship bottles and some new and different whiskies looks like it won’t disappoint. They’ve been maturing in dusty barrels in the back corners of warehouses, gaining flavors and maturing just for you. The prices vary quite a bit. -anywhere from a fairly affordable $60 ish dollars up to about $550 and names like Ardbeg Ardcore, Glen Scotia Distillery of the Year Edition, Gauldrons Sherry Cask Finish and more. They each promise a different level of complexity and flavors that range from dried cherries, caramel apples and even candied orange peels or even cookies. Check out the link for more, and find a new favorite at the link in the show notes

Spice Up Your Gin, the fastest growing alcohol flavor trend, according to those who are spicing their gin. Makes sense though as celebrity Chef Todd English just announced it’s his gin on choice and it already has a number of flavors to enjoy straight or play off in a cocktail. Chef English believes Gin is ultimately a "connoisseur's drink" and that the unique flavors of Mexigin "tantalize the palate," crediting Mexigin with bringing a "modern take on classic cocktails." Mexigin is one of the brands at the forefront of a revolution in Gin, combining a variety of smooth notes and savory all-natural spices – with just enough juniper and elevated heat on the back end to create a darkly spicy experience - replacing everything from bourbon and tequila to vodka and rum. Find out more about the new trend at the link in the show notes

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