Metallica Doubles Down on Whiskey, Cold IPA is Hot, & What’s Inside Matters

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Metallica Doubles Down on Whiskey, and if their Blackened American Whiskey’s second release in the Master’s Of Whiskey Series is as good as the first, it’s going to make a lot of fans of the band and the whiskey very happy. As usual this is going to help Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation to help communities dealing with natural disasters. Get more at

Cold IPA is Hot, both in how it’s brewed and how it’s selling. The style is about two years old but has spread its tentacles across breweries everywhere. As to why it’s called a cold IPA, well the person who coined the term said, “Maybe I’m just trying to stick the image in your head of an ice-cold beer, but hoppy as f*ck.”. To learn more about what it is and how to make it, head to the link

What’s Inside Matters - and this time we’re not talking about your heart or mind, we’re talking about your canned cocktails. An overwhelming amount of consumers - 86% surveyed said they want real spirits in their canned cocktails and not a malt beverage. If the customer is always right - we need to get some changes made, and quickly! To find out more about people’s tastes on the topic, head to

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