Kickstart or Kickfart Growler, Bacon Cocktails, & Celebs Throwdown

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Kickstart or Kickfart Growler - the Growler Power is on Kickstarter and it’s a barrel you can carry that fits a standard glass growler inside and promises a perfect pub pour each time. The retail price is expected to be a lofty $350, but you can pledge your support and be in line to get one for only $300 at the link

Bacon Cocktails seem like a wonderful thing. If you want to try your hand at adding some of that umami flavor of bacon into your cocktails, get some recipes to try your hand and give your heart over to bacon and tastebuds… again. Link in the show notes for more

Celebs Throwdown in a rosé wine competition. Brad Pitt & Bon Jovi both did well. Cameron Diaz and Lisa Vanderpump got schooled. For more on the Bevinar Celebrity Wine Competition, head to

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