Blockchain Ale, Oops - Legal THC Spiked Seltzer, & An Underrated Bourbon

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Blockchain Ale is a thing and blockchain-based breweries and beers are too. The ALE token - a cryptocurrency that’s described as created by and for the blockchain community around beer - wants to be the #1 choice for beer-related purchasing, and provide discounts and rewards to those who use the currency. To learn more head to

Oops - THC Spiked Seltzer! And it’s accidentally legal in Minnesota? Are craft breweries sleeping on this? Absolutely not, it’s being described as the wild west, and beverage makers are cranking out the drinks after the sudden change in the law. Get the story details at

An Underrated Bourbon? But is it as good as say, Pappy Van Winkle? The barrel-proof Wheated Larceny is being called the most underrated whiskey on the market. Not one of, but actually the most underrated. Expect the bottle to come in around $60. To get more info as to why this is so underrated, head to

Remember to stay safe, drive sober and support the booze that supports your local community, and always find the show notes and links at

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