9/12/22 - Bag it Tag It, Festbeer’s Back, Back Again & Undeniably Amazing

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Bag it Tag It, to take some license with some lyrics to a Phish song, Bag it, Tag it, sell it to the Wine lover in the store. If you’re looking for some good wines, and portable at that, don’t overlook the boxes and cans in your local bottleshop.. err boxshop, canshop? Check it out at https://www.theguardian.com/food/2022/sep/11/boxing-clever-the-best-in-bagged-and-canned-wines 

Festbeer’s Back, Back Again. While others are thinking about s’mores and pumpkin spice, my mind this time of year goes to Oktoberfest and all the beers that come with it. Check out this run-down of 18 beers at https://uproxx.com/life/every-oktoberfest-beer-blind-taste-ranking-2022/

Undeniably Amazing is what can be said of the beverages that won awards recently in The New York World Spirits Competition (or NYWSC). I wish they included recommended pricing, but for the list of the best of the best - head to https://www.forbes.com/sites/joemicallef/2022/09/07/the-worlds-best-whiskeys-2022-new-york-world-spirits-competition/

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