8/29/22 - A Sketchy Whisky Story, Full Time Armchair QB, & Glass Size Science

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A Sketchy Whisky Story, that’s what’s coming out from Islay, Planet Ardberg is a sci-fi comic book that takes you through the story of three of the brand’s whiskies in a 40-page long sci-fi anthology. Apologies for the extra R in the story! Details at https://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2022/08/ardbeg-debuts-sci-fi-comic/

Full Time Armchair QB, That’s what Modelo is offering with a $100,000 salary for someone to watch College Football “full-time”. Entries need to be in by November 6th, get more details here https://www.globenewswire.com/en/news-release/2022/08/25/2504693/0/en/Modelo-and-Desmond-Howard-Team-Up-to-Reward-One-Full-Time-College-Football-Fan-with-a-100K-Salary-During-the-College-Football-Playoff.html

Glass Size Science is simple - if you want to drink less, use a smaller glass. This is according to scientists at Cambridge University. No word on the science for beer, spirits, or cocktails take on glass size. I guess we can just sit back, grab a glass and do some more “research” - find the article at https://www.decanter.com/wine-news/cambridge-university-study-suggests-smaller-glasses-can-reduce-overall-wine-consumption-486048/

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