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Friday, August 26, 2022

8/26/22 - This Whiskey Can Drink Itself, Best Cheap Date, & 400 Year Old Drinks Again

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This Whiskey Can Drink Itself because it’s Lock Stock & Barrel 21-Year Straight Rye Whiskey, is the fifth release in the celebrated series,  packaged in an opaque black bottle, inside a wooden box that is charred to preserve the wood and enhance the natural wood grains. Only 1,200 cases will be available at specialty retailers. Get more at

Best Cheap Date! Wherever you go, there’s probably a beer nearby that’s also reliably good enough to drink and so inexpensive we have to call it cheap. Check out the list at

400-Year-Old Drinks Again. We’ve heard of beers pulled up from shipwrecks, 4,000-year-old ceramic jars being scraped for yeast strains - well now we’ve got something coming from South America. Get more at

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